Jan 28, 2014

2014 Holt Australia Day Awards


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt honoured 39 outstanding individuals and two local organisations for their contribution to our community on Australia Day.

The 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards were presented at the Day of Nations celebrations in Hampton Park with a large crowd of families and friends turning out to support the recipients.

‘Australia Day is a wonderful day when we can recognise those people who contribute to the community and make our community a better place’, said Mr Byrne.

The 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards were an opportunity to recognise people like Joan Graham who has provided a home for over 300 children in her 40 years as a foster carer. She has fostered kids, some with difficult backgrounds, since she was in her 20’s and even though her husband passed away 4 years ago, she still continues to foster. Looking after children became a strong part of her family with her own four children who are now grown up with children of their own. Joan still sees many of her foster children and is very fond of all of them.

In 2012 Joan’s house burnt down, yet she managed to soldier on. The community rallied around Joan and raised funds to help her get back on her feet and buy much needed necessities. Joan was also on the Board of the Fostercare Association of Victoria and assists other carers as a “mentor”. Joan is loving and well-grounded and offers her foster children much needed stability, security and love.

Also amongst the Award Recipients was Keith Pimblett who is proof of the impact a teachers can have on students and the community, his foresight was instrumental in developing the idea of a Trade Training Centre at Hallam Secondary College, which has now become a reality not only in Hallam but right across Australia.

As a secondary school teacher himself, Keith is passionate about addressing skill shortages and providing extra educational opportunities for young people in their transition into TAFE and the apprenticeship stream. The Program allows secondary students from years 9 to 12 to access vocational education and training to give students a broader range of options to help improve Year 12 attainment and enhance pathways into vocational careers.The then government embraced this initiative developed by Keith and rolled it out to other schools in Australia as a result of Keith’s initial idea.

This has provided a career opportunity to many thousands of young students wishing to qualify in a trade and assisted business with well qualified and trained students all because one man believed so passionately in his students and the roles that trades men and women can play in our community.

Another recipient worthy of mention is Marianne Dawes who is a wildlife carer and rescuer and whilst she works with all species she specializes in kangaroos, rescuing them and caring for their orphans. Like many carers and rescuers Marianne’s days can range from 12-18 hours as one Kangaroo or Wallaby rescue can last up to 8 hours and sometimes even days.
Kangaroos that are injured can be very dangerous and are often hard to help as they cover long distances across hazardous terrain, Marianne has also taken on the role of teaching and mentoring many other volunteers who are learning how to best help injured wildlife.

“I congratulate all those receiving a Holt Australia Day Award for their exemplary community spirit and endless hours of volunteer work making our community a better and safer place to live. These people do not get the same acolades as other famous people but in their own quiet Australian way they do tremendous work in giving their precious time to make other people’s lives better’, said Mr Byrne.

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Award Recipients

• Alfred Goldburg
• Fr. Elias Matta
• Neville Worthington
• Helen Appleman
• Sean Balfour
• Thomas Barnes
• Keith Barrot
• Calvin Bell
• Roland Blaschak
• Colin Booth
• Rebekah Booth
• Johnathan Clarke
• Simon Dewar
• Savio Gonsalvez
• Steve Chapman
• Marianne Dawes
• Luke DeLutiis
• Mehmet Salih Dogan
• Keith Edwards
• Bryce Eishold
• Joan Graham
• Joan Green
• Mary Haigh
• Rosemary Hutchins
• Julie Johnstone
• Mary Jonker
• Mark Jouvelet
• Sriyani La’Brooy
• Peter O’Hagan
• Christine Gladwell
• Eileen Hillis
• Louise MacDonald
• Shaun Petrie
• Keith Pimblett
• Brian Regan
• Sadiq Sarwari
• Carolyn Scott
• Colin Smith
• Lima Stanikzai
• Oliver Thomson
• Sharon Thomson
• Slobadan Todic
• Shelly Peluso
• Eda Vistac
• Noorullah Noori (Posthumous Award)
• Carols by Twilight – Casey City Church
• Painting with Parkinsons


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