Oct 10, 2014

2014 Mental Health Week


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, caught up with Jessica White & Fawn Brady from Kane’s Crusade today on World Mental Health Day to promote Mental Health Week, which is the week of 5-11 October 2014.

With almost half of Australians experiencing mental illness at some point in their lives it is wonderful to have so many local groups such as Kane’s Crusade, Beehive, Angel Light Link, Coming Together to Prevent Youth Suicide & Windermere providing much needed support for people either suffering from a mental illness or going through difficult times. Locals groups that complement the work of national organisations like Lifeline and Headspace are important in providing much needed mental health support, especially for our young people.

“On behalf of the local community I want to thank all our local community groups and volunteers involved in mental health groups such as Kane’s Crusade, Beehive, Angel Light Link, Coming Together to Prevent Youth Suicide & Windermere who provide a vital service for our community during times of need,’ said Mr Byrne.


Kane’s Crusade plans to help change the stigma that is attached to depression/mental illness in our community and around the world for those suffering this debilitating illness. They want people to openly say they are not ok and try to seek help.

Kane’s Crusade plan to raise/seek funds so programs can be put in place around Australia in Schools, community groups, workplace environments and social settings to address the signs, symptoms and treatment of Depression. They hope to provide past survivor’s stories of overcoming depression. They aim to conduct motivational talks with students and workplaces to acknowledge the stigma and try to shift the negative perception of depression in the community. They aim to do this by providing workplaces with appropriate training in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training (ASIST) and Motivational Depression awareness talks to management and the Work forces, community/sporting group, School etc. so that they can recognise the signs of depression before it the illness becomes too progressive.

Kane’s Crusade also has a plan to build an ALIVE CENTRE – a centre for recovery and rehabilitation for depression suffers.

To find out more about Kane’s Crusade please visit: www.kanescrusade.net or email kanescrusade@gmail.com


Beehive is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at implementing structured programs to help our youth in the ages of 13-21 by developing coping strategies, and help develop self-esteem and confidence through life skills that focus on work ethic, motivation, and goal setting.

Beehive’s primary focus will be on Australia’s 3000+ junior sporting organisations – with over 1 million teenagers playing sport. Supported by just under 1 million parent helpers.

What does Beehive do?

– The Hive: The Hive is an off-field leadership program that encourages players to become more involved in the running of their club.
– The Buzz: The Buzz is a program aimed to help parents in junior sport to be good role models, and build a culture that encourages fair play, inclusiveness and a safe environment for children to enjoy their sport and develop self-esteem and confidence.
– The Edge: The Edge is our cornerstone program – run in various formats (over a full day, 2 half days or 8 one hour sessions. The Edge is about teaching our youth basic life skills and coping strategies that can be applied in sport, school and life.

To find out more please contact Mark Haughton 0452 205 929.


Angel Light Link focuses on the care and support of young women who are at-risk or who are struggling with issues such as poor body image, eating disorders, sexual abuse, depression, peer pressure and low self-esteem. As an organisation inspired by values of integrity, compassion and excellence, our purpose is to help prevent harmful or abusive behaviours and to provide information, counselling and support to young women in need.

What does Angel Light Link?

– The All About You 8 week program, ideal for students in Year Seven & Eight, covers one 45 minute session a week for eight weeks and can be used in school during class or lunch time.
– Angel Light Link runs workshops which are an extension of the All About You Program. These workshops are run during class time and provide schools with an opportunity to allow a large number of girls to participate in the program by running multiple sessions of one or more workshops. The workshops are designed to run for 90 – 120 minutes.

To find out more please contact Sally McCracken on 9796 5054.


Coming Together to Prevent Youth Suicide is Facebook Page of around 20,000 members that provides a supportive community, which is primarily about peer-to-peer support, with adult moderators (list at the end of this post) who provide additional support and protect the safety of members on the page.

To find out more about Coming Together to Prevent Youth Suicide please visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/preventingyouthsuicide/


Suicide Prevention Program workshops:

General Awareness Session

This is a community awareness session and is ideal for schools, parents and others in the broader community. This one-hour presentation by a qualified facilitator is your ‘first step’ into the topic of suicide, aimed at encouraging you to consider your attitudes and gaining an understanding of the facts. You will get to explore the evidence, myths, attitudes and risk factors, and have a chance to ask questions both during the session and after.

LivingWorks Safe TALK

This workshop is for both young people and adults. Over half a day (four hours) two qualified facilitators will share a series of DVD clips with you, followed by discussion, questions and role play. You will also receive a pocket card to take away with you outlining some basic steps to saving lives, and the contact details of people who can help if you come across someone who is suicidal. You will learn how to:

– recognise a person’s distress and the ways they ask for help without actually asking
– respond to the warning signs (and why it’s ok to get it wrong)
– apply some basic Safe TALK skills including telling them that you have noticed, ask if they have considered suicide, listen to what they say and, if you are a young person, involve a trusted adult to help keep them safe, and link them to professional help.

LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

This workshop is suitable for everyone in the community, as long as you are at least 15 years of age. Over two days you will learn how to become ‘suicide alert’ and what to do to help prevent someone from acting on suicidal thoughts. You will:

– have a chance to reflect on attitudes and how this affects our ability to intervene
– explore the behaviours, expressions and feelings of someone at risk of suicide
– learn specific strategies, what to say and what not to say, and what you need to do (suicide first aid)
share ‘helper self-care tips’ with other participants.

To find out more about Windermere please call 9705 3200.


Mental Health Week is an opportunity to raise awareness and take action on the issue that affects 1 in 4 young Australians. Below are five ways that people could get involved with headspace activities during Mental Health Week:

1. headspace Stories video series
We’ve launched a new video series with young people sharing their stories of going through a tough time and seekign help. Watch the first two video storieswith Rania from Canberra and Nick from Melbourne.

2. ABC Mental As Campaign
headspace is a proud partner of ABC’s Mental As campaign for Mental Health Week. During the week ABC will host a series of shows and events focusing on mental health.

3. headspace centre events
During the week our 70 headspace centres across the country will be holding local events. Find your nearest centre to see what they’re up to.

4. Zip It on Mental Health Day
On World Mental Health Day October 10 we are encouraging people to pledge their voice and stay silent for up to 24 hours. The aim of Zip It is to raise awareness and funds for mental health organisations including headspace. Find out more and register for Zip It 2014 here

5. Yarn Safe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander campaign
headspace recently launched a youth-led campaign aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Young people. Take time during Mental Health Week to check out the campaign and how it was put together by 12 deadly young people from across Australia. http://www.yarnsafe.org.au

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533


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