Jul 6, 2012

Our Stories – 52 Stories in 52 Weeks – Our 20th Story – Tony O’Hara

Tony O’Hara is a man that takes pride in everything that he does.

Tony is the Treasurer of the Hampton Park Progress Association and is one of the main organisers for the annual ‘Day of Nations’ event held on Australia Day in Hampton Park.

Tony has been part of the roads committee for over 10 years and was a major part of the Walk for Hallam Road, he has also been a member on the Conservation Advisory Committee, and has worked tirelessly for Hampton Park and surrounding suburbs on the Hallam Road Landfill Committee. He is also on the Community Engagement Steering Committee – Lyndhurst Landfill.

Tony and his wife Roslyn are an integral part of the Hampton Park Progress Association and led the campaign to ensure Hampton Park had a new library built. Together they are a formidable pair and have dedicated over 30 years of service to Hampton Park and to the local community. Its is because of people like Tony and Roslyn that our community is such a wonderful place to live.


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