May 20, 2014

Abbott Government’s $7 GP Tax will increase the Cost of Living for residents of Holt


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt and Luke Donnellan MP, State Member for Narre Warren North, met with Dr Ariane D’Argent & Dr Stuart Rumble from the Hallam Medical Group and Helen Jolliffe this morning to campaign against the introduction of $7 GP Tax, which will directly increase the cost of living for residents of Holt.

Anthony Byrne MP and the Federal Labor Opposition believe that these changes are a threat to universal healthcare in Australia. This will see the old and at risk in some cases having to choose between eating or seeing the doctor. This assault on Medicare is an unacceptable attack on the Australian way of life and will reduce living standards of Australians. Every time someone in the family gets sick, getting medical treatment will cost more money.

In addition to imposing a new tax on doctor visits the Abbott Government will make the Medicare Safety Net less fair, cutting $270 million from the provision existing arrangements and transferring those costs onto Australian families.

‘The $7 tax on doctor visits hits everyone – families, pensioners, parents, low income earners, people with a disability, veterans and the unemployed. And for the first time, pensioners and concessional patients will be charged for pathology and imaging services out of hospital,’ said Mr Byrne.

This GP Tax is only the beginning. It opens the doors for the Abbott Government to smash Medicare one piece at a time.

On the one hand the government is penalising doctors, many of whom have made a decision to solely bulk bill, whilst charging some of the poorest Australians who seek basic medical care. They will also be turning our doctors in to tax collectors.

The government knows this new tax will push vulnerable Australians into emergency departments, so the Abbott Government is now trying to bully the states into introducing an emergency department tax, which could tax the most vulnerable out of the health system entirely.

“This is a Budget of broken promises, cruel cuts and unfair increases in the cost of living. Families will have to pay a new petrol tax to Tony Abbott every time they get in their car, and a new GP tax every time they take their sick child to the doctor. Australia has low government debt, and our economy has continued to grow. There is no need for the Abbott Government to make deep cuts and increase the cost of living for working families in Holt’, said Mr Byrne.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.


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