Dec 22, 2014

Call for Independent Judicial Review

The Terrorism Event that occurred in Martin Place on the 15th and 16th of December, 2014 has seared itself into the national consciousness. This tragedy has struck at the heart of our country in the lead up to Christmas. It has also become clearly evident to me that Public confidence in our security apparatus and our agencies has been damaged.

The public have told me in large numbers that they now feel less safe. As someone who has spent ten years in the national security space, this is an intolerable situation that must be remedied. As a Federal Politician who has worked closely with many of the agencies in question for many years, I believe it is my duty to undertake or recommend any necessary actions to restore that confidence.

The Prime Minister was correct to initiate an internal inquiry into this matter by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) and the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

But I believe that is not enough.

I believe that the public must have an independent inquiry into this event. The public must be assured that an inquiry is self-determining, impartial and objective. This is the only type of examination and evaluation of the siege event in which the public would have full trust and confidence.

Therefore, today I’m calling upon the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers to initiate an Independent Judicial Review into events preceding and during the Martin Place Siege.

This inquiry must have coercive and subpoena powers.

No agency, no government minister, no public servant or any person relevant to events that occurred in Martin Place can be exempt from the scope or the progression of this inquiry.

The Australian people want answers. The Australian people want an Independent Inquiry. The public must have their confidence in our agencies and security personnel restored. I believe an Independent Judicial Review will deliver that outcome to our people.




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