Local Sporting Champions Grant

Feb 14, 2014


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, today caught up with rugby player Oisin Clarken from Doveton to award him a Local Sporting Champions Grant at Visy Park in Carlton.

“This grant has helped many young aspiring champions like Oisin Clarken and his family covering his expenses to compete in the Victorian Rugby Union team at the ARU National U16 Championships in NSW last year. If you need information about this grant please call my office on 9796 7533’, said Mr Byrne.

Anthony Byrne MP today encouraged Holt’s young athletes and teams to follow in Oisin Clarken’s footsteps and apply for funding support to help them realise their sporting dreams and compete in a championship.

Anthony Byrne MP said that the Australian Government’s Local Sporting Champions program is aimed at helping our junior sport stars meet the costs of participation at eligible sporting competitions.

Local junior athletes can apply for a grant to cover the cost of their travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment associated with participating in an eligible championship.

“The Australian Government is committed to promoting participation in sport and providing support to boost our community sporting programs,” said Mr Byrne.

“This grant program is designed to help more families cover the costs of expenses associated with participating in sporting competitions and support our junior athletes and future Olympians”, said Mr Byrne.

“Individual athletes and teams who are participating in appropriately endorsed state school sport championships or international competitions are now also eligible to apply for support”, said Mr Byrne.

“I encourage parents, coaches and junior athletes to apply for a Local Sporting Champions grant to help them meet the costs of their involvement in a sporting championship”, said Mr Byrne.

The Australian Government now provides $3.17 million in funding through the Local Sporting Champions program each year to support junior athletes perform at a championship level.

“This has been a very successful and popular program and the Australian Government is proud to help support young Australians achieve their sporting dreams,” said Mr Byrne.

The Local Sporting Champions program offers grants of $500 for individuals and $3000 for teams and applications for next round close on 28 February 2014.

For more information on the Local Sporting Champions program visit the Australian Sports Commission website: http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/schools_and_juniors/local_sporting_champions

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.

Calling for Traffic Calming Measures for Hinrichsen Drv, Hallam

Feb 10, 2014


Luke Donnellan MP, State Member for Narre Warren North, and Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, met with residents living in Hinrichsen Drive, Hallam, to call for traffic calming measures to be urgently installed along Hinrichsen Drive after a spate of accidents caused by speeding drivers.

Both Luke Donnellan MP and Anthony Byrne MP are asking local residents to sign a peitition that will be sent to the City of Casey, so that traffic calming measures like speed humps can be installed along Hinrichsen Drive, Hallam, in order to slow cars down and improve road safety in the local area.

Hinrichsen Drive, Hallam, is very popular with drivers trying to take a short cut from the Princes Hwy through to Hallam Rd, Hallam. However, far too many vehicles are being driven at really fast speeds to take the short cut. This has led to a number of accidents involving one car smashing into a house at 96A Hinrichsen Drive and another one smashing into some trees and shurbs. Local residents feel unsafe to walk along the road and to allow the children out of the house. Action is now need to build speed humps along Hinrichsen Drive to improve road safety in the local community.

“Residents have told me how the road is popular with motorists who “rat-run” through from Princes Highway to Hallam Road, trying to avoid peak hour traffic. This is putting local residents – especially seniors and children – at risk. I believe the local community deserves better. We believe local residents deserve peace of mind on their own local roads, and shouldn’t have to contend with motorists breaking the law, speeding and endangering lives’, said Luke Donnellan MP.

“It is vital that residents feel safe in their local community and if residents feel unsafe due to speeding drivers then action needs to be taken to improve road safety in the local community, said Mr Byrne.

If local residents wish to sign the petition then please contact Luke Donnellan MP’s office on 9706 0566 or Anthony Byrne MP’s offfice on 9796 7533 for a petition to be sent out to you.

Media Enquires:
Daniel White Media Adviser to Anthony Byrne MP (03) 9796 7533
Alex Drummond Media Adviser to Luke Donnellan MP (03) 9706 0566

Anzac Centenary Grants

Feb 6, 2014


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, met with Mr Barry Rogers, Secretary of the Dandenong-Cranbourne RSL Sub Branch to invite local RSLs, schools, local cultural insitiutions, local organisations, sporting clubs and individuals to apply for a grant under the Anzac Cnetenary Grants Program (ACLGP).

The Anzac Centenary Grants Program is an important Australian Government program which commerates the Centenary of Anzac. Each Federal Electorate including the Federal Electorate of Holt has up to $125,000 available to commeorate the Centenary of Anzac.

The Holt Anzac Centenary Grants Committee advises that proposed projects and events must be directly commemorative of the involvement, service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women in the First World War. Types of projects eligible under this program include:

• public commemorative events, including the commemoration of important military anniversaries, enlistments and other First World War events that have had a significant impact on the local community;
• new First World War memorials or honour boards;
• the restoration of existing First World War memorials or honour boards;
• the preservation, interpretation and display of First World War wartime and military memorabilia and artefacts; and
• relevant school projects, such as research with a focus on military involvement and social impacts, and the products of research, e.g. written material, documentaries etc.

“Next year’s Anzac Centenary will be a special occasion and the Anzac Centenary Grants Program provides funding to assist the local community in commemorating the involvement, service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women in the First World War and the Anzac bond that was forged at Gallipoli in 1915,” said Mr Byrne.

To find out more about the Anzac Centenary Grants Program and to download an application form please visit www.anzaccentnary.gov.au All completed applications should be sent to the Holt Anzac Centenary Grants Committee for consideration by 1 May 2014 – Address: Shop HM 2B 8-10 Overland Drive, Fountain Gate VIC 3805. If you have any queries about this grant then please do not hesitate to contact Anthony Byrne MP’s office on 9796 7533.
Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533

Youth 20 Summit

Feb 6, 2014


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, caught up with Adam Sullivan and Amanda Carron to encourage Casey’s Youth to apply to be an Australian delegate participating in the Youth 20 (Y20) Summit, to be held over 12-15 July 2015 in Sydney.

The Y20 Summit is the premier youth forum associated with the G20 event, the Summit is organised by the Y20 Planning Group with the support from the Department of Education. The Summit, which will be held in Sydney in July 2014, is the main platform for young people to make their voices heard on pressing global economic challenges and involves policy discussions by youth from the G20 member states.

The Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for five young Australians, aged 18-30, to represent Australia at this international event. The Australian delegates will work with delegates from the G20 member and invited countries, supported by the Australian Y20 Planning Group, to develop policy on the broad themes of growth, youth enemplopyment, and sustainable economic development. Outcomes from the Summit will be presented at the November G20 leaders meeting.

“I am really proud of Casey’s Youth and I believe we should have a representative to be an Australian delegate at the Y20 Summit this year to not only convey the challenges that young people face living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne but also provide the new ideas for the 21st century. The Y20 plays an important role in providing new ideas that are presented to the G20 Leaders Summit for consideration in their discussions,” said Mr Byrne.

Further information on the selection criteria and the Y20 Summit can be found at www.y20australia.com. Alternatively the Y20 Information Line of 1300 857 536 or y20@y20australia.com can assist with questions regarding the selection process. Applications close on the 21st February 2014.

If you need assistance with applying to be an applicant then please do not hesitate to contact Anthony Byrne MP’s Office on 9796 7533.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533

2014 Holt Australia Day Awards

Jan 28, 2014


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt honoured 39 outstanding individuals and two local organisations for their contribution to our community on Australia Day.

The 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards were presented at the Day of Nations celebrations in Hampton Park with a large crowd of families and friends turning out to support the recipients.

‘Australia Day is a wonderful day when we can recognise those people who contribute to the community and make our community a better place’, said Mr Byrne.

The 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards were an opportunity to recognise people like Joan Graham who has provided a home for over 300 children in her 40 years as a foster carer. She has fostered kids, some with difficult backgrounds, since she was in her 20’s and even though her husband passed away 4 years ago, she still continues to foster. Looking after children became a strong part of her family with her own four children who are now grown up with children of their own. Joan still sees many of her foster children and is very fond of all of them.

In 2012 Joan’s house burnt down, yet she managed to soldier on. The community rallied around Joan and raised funds to help her get back on her feet and buy much needed necessities. Joan was also on the Board of the Fostercare Association of Victoria and assists other carers as a “mentor”. Joan is loving and well-grounded and offers her foster children much needed stability, security and love.

Also amongst the Award Recipients was Keith Pimblett who is proof of the impact a teachers can have on students and the community, his foresight was instrumental in developing the idea of a Trade Training Centre at Hallam Secondary College, which has now become a reality not only in Hallam but right across Australia.

As a secondary school teacher himself, Keith is passionate about addressing skill shortages and providing extra educational opportunities for young people in their transition into TAFE and the apprenticeship stream. The Program allows secondary students from years 9 to 12 to access vocational education and training to give students a broader range of options to help improve Year 12 attainment and enhance pathways into vocational careers.The then government embraced this initiative developed by Keith and rolled it out to other schools in Australia as a result of Keith’s initial idea.

This has provided a career opportunity to many thousands of young students wishing to qualify in a trade and assisted business with well qualified and trained students all because one man believed so passionately in his students and the roles that trades men and women can play in our community.

Another recipient worthy of mention is Marianne Dawes who is a wildlife carer and rescuer and whilst she works with all species she specializes in kangaroos, rescuing them and caring for their orphans. Like many carers and rescuers Marianne’s days can range from 12-18 hours as one Kangaroo or Wallaby rescue can last up to 8 hours and sometimes even days.
Kangaroos that are injured can be very dangerous and are often hard to help as they cover long distances across hazardous terrain, Marianne has also taken on the role of teaching and mentoring many other volunteers who are learning how to best help injured wildlife.

“I congratulate all those receiving a Holt Australia Day Award for their exemplary community spirit and endless hours of volunteer work making our community a better and safer place to live. These people do not get the same acolades as other famous people but in their own quiet Australian way they do tremendous work in giving their precious time to make other people’s lives better’, said Mr Byrne.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533

Holt v 171

Award Recipients

• Alfred Goldburg
• Fr. Elias Matta
• Neville Worthington
• Helen Appleman
• Sean Balfour
• Thomas Barnes
• Keith Barrot
• Calvin Bell
• Roland Blaschak
• Colin Booth
• Rebekah Booth
• Johnathan Clarke
• Simon Dewar
• Savio Gonsalvez
• Steve Chapman
• Marianne Dawes
• Luke DeLutiis
• Mehmet Salih Dogan
• Keith Edwards
• Bryce Eishold
• Joan Graham
• Joan Green
• Mary Haigh
• Rosemary Hutchins
• Julie Johnstone
• Mary Jonker
• Mark Jouvelet
• Sriyani La’Brooy
• Peter O’Hagan
• Christine Gladwell
• Eileen Hillis
• Louise MacDonald
• Shaun Petrie
• Keith Pimblett
• Brian Regan
• Sadiq Sarwari
• Carolyn Scott
• Colin Smith
• Lima Stanikzai
• Oliver Thomson
• Sharon Thomson
• Slobadan Todic
• Shelly Peluso
• Eda Vistac
• Noorullah Noori (Posthumous Award)
• Carols by Twilight – Casey City Church
• Painting with Parkinsons

2013 Holt Community Spirit & Leadership Awards

Dec 18, 2013


50 students from 49 local schools were last night recognised at the 2013 Holt Community Spirit and Leadership Awards held at the Cranbourne Coummunity Theatre.

The Awards Ceremony, attended by over 200 people included award recipients, parents, teachers and family members was conducted by Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt.

“These awards recognise the outstanding contribution made by the students and the difference their hard work and dedication has made to their schools and the wider community” said Mr Byrne.

“On Tuesday night we heard outstanding stories of students going above and beyond to help others including Jarryd Simmons who is a member of the Cranbourne CFA. He joined the CFA as a Junior Member in 2010 and has learnt how to handle the equipment from the fire hoses to the basic search and rescue gear. Jarryd has moved up to Seniors this year and this will enable him to go out on the trucks to assist with bushfire fighting, search and rescue,’ said Mr Byrne.

“There were many other impressive stories inluding Ashlee Willerton who took part in her 3rd Relay for Life event this year, a team event dedicated to raising funds for cancer research. Ashlee managed to walk 72 laps, over the 2 days. Her team “Giddy Up” were proud of her achievements and so too was her primary school,’ said Mr Byrne.

“The Holt Community Spirit and Leadership Awards is an event which is run annually to celebrate the positive contributions young people have made in the local community” said Mr Byrne.

“It was a great honour to presents these awards on behalf of the community. I am very proud of the local community and the inspirational efforts of our kids who are making our community a better place”, said Mr Byrne.

The Community Spirit and Leadership Awards is an event held annualy to celebrate the contribution young people make in the local area. Award winners are nominated by their school and receive a framed certificate and gift voucher. The gift voucher were donated this year by Westfield Shopping Centre.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533

Full List of Recipients:

Alkira Secondary College Jenna Hutton-Murdoch
Beaconhills College Village Campus Laura Doak
Berwick Fields Primary School Carmel Sabet-Rasekh
Casey Grammar School Sarah Dunstan
Chalcot Lodge Primary School Vivek Ravinthiran
Coral Park Primary School Courtney Blaschak
Courtenay Gardens Primary School Jaymi Muzzicato
Cranbourne East Primary School William Bastian
Cranbourne Park Primary School Lisa Paxton
Cranbourne Primary School Shanay Myloans
Cranbourne West Primary School Jacinta Watts
Dandenong Valley School Allira Noronha
Don Bosco Primary School Emily Ray
Doveton College Andrew Lish
Fleetwood Primary School Rhys Williamson
Fountain Gate Primary School Zohal Meraj
Fountain Gate Secondary College Jasmine Gonzalez
Gleneagles Secondary College Leeanne Lazos
Hallam Primary School Adele Casse
Hallam Senior College Stacey Baker
Hampton Park Primary School Petual Benham
Heritage College Tadiwanashe Danha (Tadiwa)
Hillcrest Christian College Alana Cohen
Hillsmeade Primary School Justin Marks
James Cook Primary School Mili Drazic
Kambrya College Hieu Tran
Kilberry Valley Primary School Haylee Dacey
Lynbrook Primary School Daniela Osafo Kwaako
Lyndhurst Primary School Dylan Carvell
Lyndhurst Secondary College Jarryd Simmons
Maramba Primary School Aaron Crichton-Nelson
Maranatha Christian School Casey Junior Campus Hope Lake
Maranatha Crhistian School Casey Junior Campus Amanda Caron
Marnebek School Cranbourne Nicholas Manneken
Mary Mackilliop Primary School Josephine Lee
Mossgiel Park Primary School Izabel Nalbandian
Narre Warren South P-12 College Shihan Izzedeen
Nossal High School Cherry Chan
Rangebank Primary School Ashlee Willerton
River Gum Primary School Britney Connolly
Southern Cross Primary School Olivia Pygis
St Agatha’s Primary School Angelin Tom
St Francis de Sales Primary School Cliona Barrientos
St Francis Xavier College – Berwick Campus Caitlin Dempsey
St Kevin’s Primary School Dilania Benevides
St Paul Apostle North Primary School Natasha John
St Paul Apostle South Primary School Jade Judd
St Peter’s College Cranbourne West Tess Macartney
Strathaird Primary School Olivia Antonello
Thomas Mitchell Primary School Andre Dababneh

Christmas Lights Up Holt

Nov 28, 2013


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, caught up with Ruth Murray and her daughter Jenny Colvin today in Doveton to check out their famous Christmas Lights display.

For over 14 years, Ruth and Jenny have run an annual Christmas BBQ for neighbours, local community members, family and friends at their home in Doveton. Over 150 people are invited to the local BBQ, which coincides with the launch of their amazing Christmas lights display.

“One of the highlights of the Christmas period are the increadible displays of Christmas Lights and decorations that great community minded people like Ruth & Jenny assemble,” said Mr Byrne.

“There is an enormous amount of effort that gets put into these displays in the lead up to Christmas. One of the great festive traditions is walking around or driving around to a neighbour’s house to admire their Christmas Lights display and see all the similes on people’s faces as they see the displays”, said Mr Byrne.

“Thank you to Ruth and her family on their huge pride in their neighbourhood and a commitment to bringing people together to build a stronger sense of community. I hope many local residents feel inspired by their commitment during the festive season’, said Mr Byrne.

During December 2013 Anthony wants to hear from you about great Christmas Lights Displays around the Holt area. You can send a Facebook Message, Tweet, email or phone Anthony on 9796 7533 to let him know of Christmas Light Displays in our area.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533

Calling for Nominations for the 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards

Nov 28, 2013

Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, caught up with Brittany Leo and her mother Tracey to promote the 2014 Holt Australia Day Awards.

On Australia Day 2014, Anthony will again be hosting the Holt Australia Day Awards. Anthony is calling for community, sporting and service organisations and members of the public to nominate one individual they believe to have made a significant contribution to the local community in a voluntary or philanthropic capacity.

This year Anthony Byrne MP honoured 33 outstanding individuals and two local organisations for their contribution to our community on Australia Day. One of the recipients from this year’s award ceremony was Brittany Leo. Brittany is a very talented 17 year old singer from Narre Warren. She has been performing regularly at venues and events around Casey and the wider Melbourne metropolitan area for the last 3-4 years.
When a charity or fund-raising event needs performers, Brittany is always one of the first to put her hands up. She has very caring parents, Tracey & Bert Leo, who provide excellent support and guidance. Brittany is a very talented young lady who gives freely of her time to perform and is a credit to the Casey community.

If you wish to nominate or have any questions relating to the Holt Australia Day Awards then please contact Anthony Byrne MP’s office on 9796 7533. Nominations close on 16 January 2014.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.

60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Ceasefire Armistice of the Korean War in 1953

Nov 4, 2013


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, & Cr Angela Long, Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong yesterday attended the Noble Park RSL’s 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Ceasefire Armistice of the Korean War in 1953 ceremony to remember the fallen.

The ceremony was attended by more than 100 people including Raffaello Di Domentico and Dina Redzepagic from Dandenong High School (who read the Naval Ode), John Laughton JP, former Dandenong RSL Secretary, Barry Rogers, Dandenong-Cranbourne RSL Sub Branch Secretary; guest speakers Graham Savage, NAA National Victorian Vice President, Cdr. Aaron Nye, Royal Australian Navy, Mr Victor Dey, President, Korean Veterans Association of Victoria, and Father John Whitesde who read the Naval Prayer.

“On behalf of the local community I wish to thank all the Korean veterans who attended the ceremony for your courage, fortitude and dedication to your country. You are all deserving of our utmost respect and our community will be forever thankful for the sacrifices you and your comrades in arms have made,” said Mr Byrne.

The Korean War began on 25 June 1950, when North Korean forces launched an invasion of South Korea. Personnel from the Australian Army, RAAF, and RAN fought as part of the United Nations (UN) multinational force of 21 nations, defending South Korea from the Communist force of North Korea.

The end of the war came with the signing of an armistice on 27 July 1953, three years and one month after the war began. Just over 17,000 Australians served, 339 of whom were killed and just over 1,200 wounded. Almost half a million South Koreans died as a result of the war, and an unknown number of North Koreans and Chinese.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.

Last Two Weeks of Tax Help in Holt

Oct 15, 2013


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, and Tax Help Volunteer Tina Jom are reminding residents that there is only two weeks left of the Tax Help Program in Holt.

Tax Help is a program run in partnership with the Australian Taxation Office to assist people on a limited income to complete their tax returns. Tax Help is suitable for people earning $50,000 or less a year with tax returns.

“Completing a tax return can become quite a stressful process for many people and thus eligible people should take advantage of this free service that aims to make their lives easier. Our centre has been extremely busy this year because our Tax Help volunteer Tina Jom provides such a great service,’ said Mr Byrne.

If you need assistance with completing your tax return this year then please sign up for the free Tax Help program by calling the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61 or contacting one of the three local Tax Help Centres directly. Please see below for the contact details of the three Tax Help Centres in Holt.

Tax Help Centres in Holt

1. Anthony Byrne MP’s Electorate Office

Shop HM 2B 8-10 Overland Drive Fountain Gate VIC 3805.
To make an appointment please call: (03) 9796 7533

2. Casey North Community & Information Support Service

Suite 1, 90-92 Victor Cres Narre Warren 3805 VIC
To make an appointment please call: (03) 9705 6699

3. Cranbourne Information & Support Service

156 Sladen Street Cranbourne VIC 3977
To make an appointment please call: (03) 5996 3333

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.


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