Mar 7, 2017

It’s 2017 and a new estate in Clyde has no phone, internet or mobile services

“It’s 2017 and the wonderful residents of a new estate in Clyde have no phone, internet or mobile service since November. This is a national disgrace. I will do everything in my power to ensure these good people get these essential services as soon as possible’, said Mr Byrne.

Anthony Byrne MP met with local residents who are outraged that they have not had phone, internet or access to a mobile service since November.

The Office of Anthony Byrne MP first became aware of this issue of a lack of a phone line access and internet communication when a local resident contacted our office seeking assistance in January 2017. She advised our office that she did not have access to a phone line or internet at her residence. She also advised that over 40 local residents were experiencing the same difficulties.

Subsequently this office raised these concerns with the Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications and the Arts & NBN Co. We also contacted Telstra to seek assistance with the phone line, and they said if a landline order was submitted a Universal Service Obligation landline service could be arranged. This order has been submitted but the local residents are yet to receive a phone service.

We have since heard a number of concerning stroies from local residents about the harm it has caused not having access to a phone line or intenet service. In one instance a family bought an expensive 3G service but the connection frequently drops out when trying to make calls. In a second instance a resident’s brother had passed away back in the UK and her family was trying to call her but she did not receive this urgent message until she left the estate the next day.

“We are concerned that a phone line and internet connection may take until May 2017 to be installed due to an issue with an exchange. We believe this entire situation is completely unacceptable and it should be resolved as quickly as possible,’ said Mr Byrne.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533


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