Oct 6, 2015

Local Student with a Bright Future


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, today met with Andrew Leong a local Monash University student who recently completed his PhD and his father & community leader Ni Tec Leong. Andrew was recently awarded a prestigious position as a post-doctoral researcher at John Hopkins University in Maryland in the United States of America.

Andrew Leong is a distinguished student. His PhD addressed one of the leading causes of death among Australians – respiratory diseases (for instance, lung cancer, emphysema and cystic fibrosis).

“Many of these respiratory diseases can be successfully treated if detected early. However, our current diagnostic techniques are inadequate in early detection of such diseases. The aim of my PhD project was to develop more sensitive diagnostic techniques that were also safe for the patient. As a physicist, I collaborated with engineers and physiologists to develop these techniques. Currently, we are testing the techniques in advanced facilities; including the Australian Synchrotron and SPring-8 in Japan,” said Mr Leong.

“I was recently awarded a position as a post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland for up to 5 years. I will be collaborating with many teams, one of them being the Defense Threat Reduction Agency who are responsible for countering weapons of mass destruction. My specific project is to study the damage induced on materials under different extreme circumstances such as missile attacks and earthquakes. The knowledge gained from this will help improve the design of buildings and vehicles in withstanding such extreme circumstances,’ said Mr Leong.

“Andrew Leong is a talented young physicist with a bright future. He is a wonderful example of a young man from our area making his mark on the world stage. I am very proud that he will be working at one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. I wish Andrew all the best on his future journey and I look forward to hearing reports on his research and his achievements,” said Mr Byrne.

Media Enquires: Daniel White (03) 9796 7533.


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