Nov 17, 2014

New Petrol Tax Hits City of Casey Residents


Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, and Luke Donnellan MP, State Member for Narre Warren North, visited a major South Eastern Service Station to raise their concerns about the increase in the fuel excise that came into force last week, which will place an additional Cost of Living burden on residents living in the City of Casey.

From Monday 10th November 2014, local residents in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne will pay more for petrol because of the Abbott Coalition Government’s new $2.2 billion petrol tax.

Despite promising no new or increased taxes before the last election, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is making local residents pay more petrol tax.

The Abbott Coalition Government has snuck this tax hike through, bypassing Parliament to ensure the petrol tax goes up and up and up.

The indexation of the petrol tax to CPI by the Abbott Coalition Government means Australians will pay around $19 billion more for petrol over the next decade.

Within the next five years, the average Australian will be paying at least an extra $135 for petrol per car every single year because of this new tax from Prime Minister Tony Abbott. So a three car household could pay an additional $405 per year.

‘Casey Residents are already struggling to make ends meet with the cost of living – the last thing they need is to pay more tax every time they fill up the car’, said Mr Byrne.

‘This tax hurts those who live in the outer suburbs the most. Trades people, construction workers, small business operators, manufacturing workers and families that need their cards to travel,’ said Mr Byrne.

‘This new growth tax is a direct attack on working families in the Casey region’, said Mr Byrne.

“Denis Napthine’s Liberal Government has raised the cost of driving above inflation, with registration now averaging around $750 per year”, said Mr Donnellan.

“At the same time as Tony Abbott raises the cost of petrol and Denis Napthine raises the cost of rego, less is being spent on upgrading our roads,” said Mr Donnellan.

“Only Labor will invest $1 billion in a suburban roads fund to upgrade roads which have been neglected by the Liberals,” said Mr Donnellan.

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