Mar 9, 2012

Our Stories – 52 Stories in 52 Weeks – Our third story Stephen Hallett

Stephen Hallett has been involved in the establishment, management, development and maintenance of Frog Hollow and the Friends of Frog Hollow Inc, which was established in 2002 to protect and enhance the native vegetation of the Frog Hollow region in Endeavour Hills. Frog Hollow sits along part of the Eumemmerring Creek. This area was historically a natural wetland, prone to flooding during the wet months, and would have been heavily treed, including many River Red Gums. The gums were then cleared for fence posts, and later cleared for grazing land. This left only a small amount of remnant vegetation along the creek for the wildlife. Today the land is partly owned by Casey Council, and Melbourne Water.

Apart from the basic activities of spreading mulch (more than 1,200 m3) and planting native trees, the friends of Frog Hollow have conducted many successful community events including National Tree Day, and Clean Up Australia Day every year since their formation.

The Friends of Frog Hollow under Stephen's guidance has planted over 60,000 native trees through-out the reserve and has excavated and laid more than 300 metres of crushed gravel walking paths around the wetland ponds.

The group's current focus is pushing for a community link from Frog Hollow to Lysterfield Lake Park. Stephen and the friends of Frog Hollows have been lobbying for this for about 8 years. At present you can ride or walk from Frog Hollow to the bay along the Eumemmerring Creek, however this link stops at Frog Hollow Reserve. Lysterfield Lake park is used extensively for recreational purposes, The friends of Frog Hollow want to reconnect the Reserve with Lysterfield Lake Park with the aim to create a trail for walkers and cyclists, restore the native vegetation, remove weeds and non-indigenous plant species, and improve the habitat for wildlife.

Stephen and the friends of Frog Hollow have been great servants to the local community and to Frog Hollow reserve. They have taken upon themselves a great responsibility to improve and restore the reserve to its natural beauty for the benefit of all, and it is a goal which they are certainly achieving.


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