Sep 21, 2017

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

On 6th September 2017, Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, attended a prostate cancer awareness event at Parliament House in Canberra to help raise awareness for the fight against prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a serious men’s health issue being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men with 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,300 deaths each year.

At the parliamentary event the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia was aiming to encourage men over 50, or 40 if they have a family history of prostate cancer, to talk to their doctor about being tested at their next health check-up.

“In light of family history with prostate cancer I was thankful for the opportunity to have a PSA blood test. It was also a fantastic opportunity to discuss with Prof Mark Frydenberg AM about the benefits of early detection and surveillance strategies to monitor low risk prostate cancers,” said Mr Byrne.

“Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t get checked until it’s too late when all it takes is a simple blood test. Talk to your doctor about being tested. It might just save your life”, said Mr Byrne.

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